[Mid-WYFE Motivation] Just be Great!


This weekend I struggled with wanting to put up a post today. Not because I was in a bad mood or anything but because I was lazy. I felt like ‘hey, I can just post something on Tuesday. It’ll be fine’. And then I realized that it was time for me to practice what I was preaching.

I am consistently telling my girls to just be great. Don’t half ass anything. Put your all into whatever it is you’re doing to ensure that no matter what the final results are, you can be proud of yourself and all the effort you’ve put in. I ask them to be great in school, as sisters, daughters, friends, hell even as room cleaners. Greatness should be in anything they, and us, choose to put effort into. Putting 110% into whatever it is that is placed in front of us is essential to our individual greatness — no matter how impactful we may think it will be in the long run.

So today I pushed myself to get this message out. Not tomorrow or later this week, today. I’m striving toward greatness even if no one reads this post today, I know that I’ve put my best foot forward.

I challenge you to do the same. Don’t allow yourself to get lazy on your journey. Push yourself to take that next step today, not tomorrow or later this week.

How great you can be will be limited only by your own efforts.

Just be great!



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