[Mid-WYFE Motivation] Dream big and then bust a move

It was all a dream. Notorious BIG

I’ll keep this week’s motivation quick because as I’m writing this, I’m also “busting a move” on this new book…watch for a sneak peek this week on Mid-WYFE Chronicles.

So who doesn’t like to dream!? You know, to fantasize about “if I could only” or “what ifs”? We all do. But how do some of us make those dreams come to fruition? Answer: They get up and go after it.

I know some say ‘pray on it’ which I agree with but I also believe you’ve got to do more than just pray on it and wait. You’ve got to get moving. God blessed us with a plethora of tools to get us to our dreams: legs, mouths, feet, hands, words, thoughts, hearts and the list goes on. But it’s what you do with those pieces of you that matter.

Life is like your last coin, you can spend it on whatever you want but only spend it once. – Unknown

Try this, think about someone who you look up to. Now think about why you look up to them. Then go ask them about that reason. Whomever you look up to — parent, friend, co-worker, former manager, stranger — go ask them how they got where they are. I’ll bet you a million dollars that they will say something other than just praying and waiting. Any takers on this bet?

So this week, talk to God — thank him for where you are today and then talk to him about your dreams. Realize what tools he has given you to get you where you want to be and start moving. Your dream(s) can become reality but you must remain active on your path.


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