You Were Made to Bust Down Barriers


Last week was rough for me. How about you? If it was smooth sailing for you, then I want to say “congratulations” but for those who were in the same boat as me, this post is for you.

Last week I was tried and tested in many ways, and by Thursday night, I was so ready to quit without notice and run like hell to the nearest desolate island. Of course I would bring my family, but they would have to live on the other side, at least through the weekend. But I digress.

I felt broken and lost. It was truly all good just a week ago. But then my best friend told me something that woke me up on that following Friday with a clear mind, refocused on my purpose.

She said, “You know what, I told my Mom the same things you’re telling me. And you know what she told me?”

Of course I had no clue so I responded with a “no”.

“She said ‘why NOT you?’”

What a notion, right? Why not me? And her Mom had a point. If I was able to come to this obstacle, look it dead in the eye and respond to it, then it must have been created for me to handle.

God built us in his own image for different purposes, so why did my selfish self, have the audacity to think that I was destined to not go through anything. That’s exactly what we were made for — to go through trials and tribulations, and come out on the other side.

Oh and not to just go through rough seas and over high hurdles, but to learn from them and grow stronger so the next time an obstacle comes in front of us, we’ll happily respond with “oh, that’s all!?”

Life is an ongoing roller coaster and it never slows down. The older we get, the faster and faster the years go by. So why waste time sulking and worrying about why things happen to you or hell, how you will get through them? Be confident that you WILL get through them and in such a way that you will be a wiser and stronger person on the other side. It’s all a choice how you view a situation – I choose to survive and thrive. How about you?

This week, don’t focus on the darkness trying to cover your spirit but on the strength of your spirit. You are stronger than you think and once you make it over, around, through or below the issue ahead of you, you’ll be able to reclaim your sunshine. Make that obstacle your bitch! We all believe in you!


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