You Can’t Wait for the Year to be Over!? Here’s What You Really Missed During 2016…



For the past couple of weeks, my Facebook feed has been drowned with a certain mood. And just to prepare those who may have posted something within this “mood”, this isn’t an attack on your feelings, nor is it to belittle or disregard your feelings. No. It’s to help shine a light on something that I think you have missed or forgotten.

There are many things that happen throughout our lives; some are amazing and some are disastrous. Some years are tough, filled with physical, mental and even spiritual hardships. Maybe you’ve lost a friend, a family member or just know of someone who didn’t make it physically through 2016. Maybe your family structure shifted and you had to take on responsibilities that you weren’t prepared for. Maybe you didn’t find that someone who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Every now and then, these “things” shake up your world, throwing you into an unwanted, negative abyss. A place that totally distracts you from what really happened in 2016…you survived.


You didn’t just survive 2016, you are here to tell your story and testify to those who may not realize that they’ve done the same.

Honestly, 2016 has had both its difficulties for me. I released both my first and second books but I was in a major car accident that I’ll forever have a scar from, and I lost a dear friend. Oh and I found out that some of my closes family members have cancer and I fell into a bout of depression. Those are facts. However, what’s also a fact is that I was blessed enough to make it through to the next day.

I was able to wake up each morning and hug my family, pray for those who are in distress and despair and go do things that I never thought I would be able to do for myself.


So yeah, it may have felt as if you were in Rocky IV—losing someone close to you, having to find a balance between life and work, and even go and “train” in a foreign land. You’ve been trying to be great even though you constantly had to hear other’s cheer for the other guy. But damnit you made it!

You were knocked down and around by financial concerns. You were kicked it the face, smacked by personal drama and strife. Push off the path once or twice by stress and worry for the unknown. But look at you now; standing back up and taking that next step.

I decided not to wait and post this on Dec. 31, 2016 or Jan. 1, 2017 because I need you to understand that you made it through the storm. God made sure of it. He gave you strength and guidance.

He woke you up and encouraged you to take another step.


This week, and every week from this point forward, understand that times will get tough, and that is a part of life. That is a part of your testimony. Don’t use social media to feed your despair but get off and go find those key people that God blessed you with to get you through the storm. Then share your testimony on Facebook. Encourage others to be great and to realize that it too shall pass. That’s what he told me to do.

Now let me stop preaching and let you go reflect on how amazing it was to wake up today.

Let the Church say Amen!

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  1. KellyK says:

    Let me be the first to say AMEN!!! I’ve noticed the same sentiment in my fb feed. You’re challenging us to have the “glass half full” approach to the end end of the year! Challenge taken! #dailyaccomplished

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