No New Year Resolutions Needed; Focus on Your Long-Term Goals!


On my last post, You Can’t Wait for the Year to be Over!? Here’s What You Really Missed During 2016…, I urged you to reorganize your thoughts and attitudes about 2016, to clearly recognize how great your 2017 will start.


Now that we are in the New Year, it’s time to get to work! But some of us may not know where to begin. Too often we think that a new year is a reason to start something new–whether we meet our previous goals or not.  But what about those goals that take longer than a year? For some, those long-term goals may take almost a full lifetime to achieve. The key to this mystery is to use each year, each day, even each moment, to complete short-term tactics, or steps that will push you closer to achieving what you want.


My goals for 2017 are the same as 2016–I desire financial stability for my family, a continuous healthy lifestyle and I want to be a full-time writer/novelist. And to do so, I must plan and be willing to take steps, however big or small, to achieve these goals.

Examples are my short-term steps are; Overhauling my blogs to something bigger and better (Stay tuned…coming soon); Writing to my heart’s content by releasing stories on Wattpad and novels on each story from my debut novella Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-Fy Short Stories; lastly, figuring out how to get paid for what I love to do, starting with getting a literary agent (Got resources? Please pass them along).


F$#@ a New Year’s Resolution, what is something that you’ve been working on and haven’t had a chance to achieve? That “something” that drives you closer to what your passion is. Use these five questions to help pull out your long-term goals:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I love to do?
  3. Who do I want to be (based on what you love to do)?
  4. Why do I want to be that (other than just a want)?
  5. How can I be that (a.k.a. the opposite of what’s holding you back)?

Simple right. Once you figure out that long-term goal(s), your next steps are easier to outline.

Honestly, for us full-time working women who are dedicating a lot of time to something that we like but not love, or we have dual professional loves (writing and marketing for me), this is the year to get our life right!

We owe it to ourselves; we owe it to our families; we owe it to our true purpose in life. Let’s put time into our legacy.


This week, instead of seeking a reason to focus on something new, refocus and plan your next steps for something old that you have yet to reach. Whether it is furthering your education, living a healthier lifestyle, going into business for yourself or not work to live lavishly on your own personal island, outline your next steps and go.

You may not be able to reach it in a month or even a year, but remember that once you do it, you are taking the right steps to live your purpose and drive your legacy.


1) Gain financial stability – monetize, promote and believe in my craft

  • Updating blog to make it easier on my readers to see all the inspiration and other collections I have available (Check out my new Shop!)

2) Live Healthier – Stop eating pork, start rock climbing, cut down on salt

  • All doable and will know out in 2017

3) Become a full-time writer/novelist

  • Since I’ve dropped two books, it’s time to reach out to literary agents about those other entertaining but verbally elating novels that are ready for the world.
  • For now, I’ll keep sharing my short stories on The Chronicles and on Wattpad

Stay focused. Be inspired. Tell me about your long-term goal(s)!




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