4 Things I’ve Learned after being a Mom for 3 Years

I can’t believe its true, but I’ve been a mom for 3 years!

This past weekend, we celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday and internally, it was quite emotional. I guess I’m realizing how fast life really goes. I mean, I feel like I just had him, and now he’s 3. I also keep thinking about the fact that when I have another child in the future, there will still never be another him. Of course I would love the future child just as much, but still he’s my first and just so special to me.

He picked the theme of his party all by himself. He has this obsession with Captain America and Ironman, even though I’ve personally never watched the movie. Maybe he watched it with my husband.

Anyway, some major emotions took over me leading up to his birthday. Not any that had me lying on the floor crying, but just lots of thoughts. Things like ‘He will never be a baby again,’ and ‘when he gets big, he will never be small again,’ so am savoring every single moment. Through the challenging times, I am embracing his small little face, his bright smile, and big personality.


So in my 3 years, what I have I truly learned?

1) It’s not really that big of a deal…
Spills on the floor, stepping on legos (sometimes), eating upstairs in the bedroom and leaving crumbs, potty-training accidents, etc. I could go on…but in the scheme of it all, it’s not that big of a deal! He’s learning and growing everyday, and I couldn’t ask for a better kid. Small things that may seem big at the moment, won’t matter an hour later because it will be something else, and then something else. It’s part of being a parent and what I signed up for, and while some days can be challenging, I wouldn’t change anything. One day he won’t need me anymore and I will be sad, so I will take all that I can get right now:)

2) Days are long, Years are short…
This quote by Gretchen Ruben resonates with me. So many days I come home from work and I am dog tired, but my baby boy isn’t. I have to acknowledge that and engage with him, because again, times goes by really fast and I will look up and he will have his very own life. So while I am the most essential part of his life right now, I must embrace it, even when I don’t feel like it.

3) Its Okay…
It’s okay that his clothes aren’t folded right after taking them out of the dryer, it’s okay that he has bad days, it’s okay that I have bad days, it’s okay that that he ate waffles for dinner, it’s okay that I only had cereal for dinner…it’s all okay and tomorrow is another day. No stressing myself.

4) He’s on this earth to add value to society
My responsibility to my son as his mother is to make sure that he adds value to society. I want him to be a leader, courageous, spiritual, strong, non-judgmental, charismatic, and NICE. I want him to feel comfortable expressing his emotional side, and not be afraid to ask for what he wants. I just want him to be a well-rounded influential member of society. Those are my prayers and dreams for him.

So that’s pretty much it. I wondered if this post was even worth writing and I am so glad I did. Thanks for getting a bit personal with me today. My baby means the world to me and I hope that he looks back at things like this and sees just how much!

Thanks again for stopping by. Until next time!


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