The Obvious Impact of “Hidden Figures”

Sunday night, the SAG Awards reminded us about the great films, particularly black films, that graced the screens in 2016. Denzel Washington brought home Best Actor while his co-star Viola Davis became the first black actress to win five SAG Awards for their work in Fences; Mahershala Ali won for Best Supporting Actor for his powerful role in Moonlight; and THEN Hidden Figures bust through the scene, winning for the Best Cast. But we already knew that would happen, right?


If you haven’t seen Hidden Figures yet, I don’t know what the hell you’re waiting for. I mean, the story line is amazing and empowering. The actresses and actors are talented and legendary. The entire movie crew cannot be dismissed (even Pharrell had to get his hands in the mix).

It was, and is, so obvious that this film was made to make a major statement for black women. A statement that resonates loudly to the determination, dedication and perseverance of black women.


There are so many scenes of empowerment throughout this film; a black woman speaking up to a white man; a black women speaking up to her black man; a black woman speaking up for her sisters; a black man courting a black woman; a black woman demanding to have equal rights; a black woman proud of her unique and superior talents and so on.

Why am I making an emphasis on race? Because I have to. These scenes capture the struggles that black women deal with every day, right now! Sure, this movie was set in the early 60s but we continue to search for the will to do exactly what these women have done.


If you have not seen this masterpiece—the history lesson we either missed or was never taught—please don’t waste any more time. It shouldn’t have taken an award for you to go see this…but I won’t judge you because the emotion that will build within you and encouragement you can not miss from this film will force you to open your eyes wider and step harder.

They endured so that we could conquer.


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