When Doing it For the ‘Gram Goes Wrong

Artwork: “Hip Hop Youth”by Banksy

We’ve all seen the viral videos: kids cursing about their presents, twerking on each other, dressed with chains and their pants sagging and the list unfortunately goes on. We laugh. We re-tweet. But we don’t think about the consequences, legally and mentally, that are the results of our crying face emjois. These are adults exploiting children for likes and your participation as silent bystander only gives power to more uploads.

It’s All Fun and Games Until…

Last year a video went viral of a mother physically abusing her daughter. Some applauded. Others (raises hand) felt it was too much and inappropriate, especially for the mental health of the child being abused. This mother, I’m assuming in an effort to administer “tough love”, may not have stopped to realize the psychological effect this video could have on her child. There’s no doubt her peers saw that video and I’m sure they didn’t give her a big hug and comfort her; my guess is they laughed and ridiculed her. What do these videos to do our children’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth? It tramples on their innocence for a fleeting moment of entertainment.

Joke’s on All of Us

When children are given attention for the wrong things, they learn that’s what is acceptable in the world. It’s okay to curse at and in front of adults.  It’s cool to walk around with your underwear showing or grind and twerk at school (Honest to God truth, I’ve had to stop a four-year-old who was bent over with his hands on the ground, bouncing his butt and looking back at it. Bruh.) It’s not their fault. They believe what they see is the right thing so it’s on us as the adults to be more mindful of the things we allow or view as entertainment. ‘Cause the real world ultimately will have the last laugh. #jokesonus


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