Perspective: Seeing Ourselves with the Eyes of God

Let’s take a moment to reflect on how we see ourselves vs. how God see’s us.  But first, let me share a QUICK story:

I was out in nature sitting lakeside having a ministry conversation with my mentor-A beautiful day/experience!  In this conversation I realized I had some distorted views of myself.  I realized this by defining how I think God see’s me.  To say the least, there was a HUGE disconnect in the two perspectives (and a shift in perspective was in order).

I love to share this ministry conversation in hopes that you’ll:
1) Give yourself permission to reflect on how you think God see’s you, your beauty (inner and out), your capabilities, gifts, talents, etc.; and
2) Begin the journey of shifting your perspective from how you see yourself to how God see’s you.

This will not be an overnight process, however, it’s a great way to get momentum going for your journey to self-love and overall greatness.

*Spoiler Alert* God definitely see’s you as holy, equipped with all you need to receive any blessing, wonderfully made, a heart of gold, talented, beautiful, blessed….I can go on and on. I’ll leave you with this question to reflect on: how does your view of yourself measure up to how God see’s you?  Today and forever more, I challenge you to begin seeing yourself through the eyes of God.


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