3 Ways to Practice What You Preach

One of the reasons I started Monday Motivational posts—previously Monday #Mid-WYFEMotivation—was to share positive insights from my own plight. My goal was to push us all past those “bad” moments to refocus on the greatness ahead, which has been a lot easier to do than I ever thoughts.

THEN one day, just a few weeks back, I was actually invited to give a motivational speech to a group of women…say what?!

Yep. God said, “now go practice what you preach.” I’m not going to lie, I thought He was nuts. You mean, you want me to go say what I write about? I only give this advice verbally to my close friends, and I don’t even know if they use it!

I definitely had a moment of doubt, honestly, several hours of doubt. Then I used three ways to get back on track. Three tricks that may also help you practice what you preach when you need to.

  1. There’s a reason why you have this opportunity, because you’re ready. We never know when we will be called upon to do something we said we would always do. Ironically, a lot of just like to talk, but every now and then we’ve got to back it up. It’s true that when you speak power into your destiny, it always comes around full circle, which is what you’ve always wanted. And once it does, understand that you have all the knowledge, skills and courage to do exactly what you said. If by chance, you don’t feel that you do, follow the next steps.
  2. Take a moment of silence for your courage. Now, this moment of silence isn’t to let your courage R.I.P. Nope. It’s to help focus on it. Use your inner thoughts to calm your nerves and worries, so that you are able to really hone in on your purpose. Like I stated before, you will never be put into a situation you can’t handle.
  3. Go to your support team. Whenever I fall into the pit of self-doubt and despair, I look toward my support network, a.k.a. my personal board of directors. They are always there to get my mind right, and to remind me about both tips one and two. Sometimes they even feed me my own words. Go to your love ones, mentor, BFF, closes colleague or whoever, and let them preach to you some. Even a pastor needs to hear the word from his congregation from time to time.

By following these steps, I was able to get out some words. Some of which I don’t really remember because I was still incredibly nervous but I received some great feedback from my support team and the audience. Bring on the next speaking engagement!

I’ll leave the same words with you that I ended the speech with. I remember those! 🙂

Living in your purpose and passion is not about perfection; it’s about having perseverance and staying prepare for when your moment of greatness arrives. 

Let the church say Amen!


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  1. KellyK says:

    #practicewhatyoupreach Amen!!! I will now stop saying that teachers are the worst students and try to…no, I WILL finish this semester just as pumped as when it started….the R.I.P. of my motivation in the middle months has no place at the finish line. #thanksfriend 🙂 DNC Mondays are always on point!!!

    1. Niccole "DNC" Coleman says:

      Yessss! You are almost there. Push through!

  2. Niccole "DNC" Coleman says:

    Reblogged this on The Chronicles of DNC and commented:

    As a mother, wife, author, sister, daughter and so on, it can be hard to “practice what I preach” but here are a few tips I shared on HERCrisis.com that have helped me to do exactly that. Check out “3 Ways to Practice What You Preach”.

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