Mid-year check-in: Are you worried about those 2K17 Goals? Don’t be and here’s why…


Have you ever looked up and said “Damn, where did the year go?” Well I did this morning. It’s already June and I feel like there is so much that I haven’t done yet (drop my next book, have a family beach trip, meet Nikki Giovanni, lose 10-15 lbs, get rich, etc.)

Goals that I’ve set for 2K17 that already seem to be out of my reach. I know there are six months left in this year, but they’re already maxed out. But you know what, that’s ok.

If there is one thing that I’ve come to learn through faith and my own personal testimony, is that things will happen in their own time. There is a journey for me (and us) to walk, and even though I (or we) want to hit milestones a lot quicker, maybe that’s not what God planned.


We put so much pressure on ourselves to do “this” and “that” in a certain time frame but why? Sure tomorrow isn’t promised, but neither is today. So when do you start living for the moment, before it passes? Goals keep us moving, but don’t define who we are. The journey is what we, and others, will remember: what we did along the way to become who we are.

We put pressure on ourselves to get so much done, stressing our minds and bodies and for what reason? Stress in itself is a cancer (chronic stress can take you down fast), that takes no prisoners. Stop killing yourself to be and do more than what you need to do right now. The goal is to grow at each step, whether you’re taking one or 80 steps at time. Remember your steps will always look different from someone else’s, so don’t try to measure your journey against theirs.

It’s apples to oranges sweetie!

This week, take things one-step at a time. Seeking out long and short-term goals keeps us growing as humans, as professionals, as spouses, as parents and so on. But the idea is to not let your goals overpower you so much that you feel failure if they aren’t met in a certain time frame. Life happens and when it does, it’s never predictable. So take those unpredictable moments in stride and always keep your eyes forward and focused. Your moment will arrive before you know it.


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