Making Summertime Fitness FUN

I am like Olaf from Frozen – I am obsessed with summer! Naturally, I am thrilled to have my favorite season back. Technically summer does not begin until Summer Solstice on June 21…but everyone knows Memorial Day marks the “unofficial” start of summer!

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince said it best; “Summer, summer, summer time! Time to sit back and unwind!” But as exciting as summer is, it can also be exhausting!

The kids are out of school or heading to summer camp, you are planning your vacation, or vacations if you are lucky, and those extra hours of sunlight (where you try to squeeze in another hour or two of work and errands) make for very long days. Remember that despite the busy season and the sweltering temperatures, there are ways to stay fit and healthy while having a lot of fun this summer. Let’s look at a few:


You cannot pass Summer 101 without taking a dip in a body of water this summer! Exercising in the water has numerous perks because it puts less strain on your body if you have muscle or joint issues and the cool water makes a workout feel less rigorous too.

You can swim some laps, horseplay with your kids in the water or enjoy a water aerobics class. Another great swimming related activity that’s perfect for the pool is weightlifting. If you have water dumbbells or a kettlebell, you can get in some low impact weightlifting in the water doing squats, lunges, bicep curls, tricep curls and chest flys.


Did you know that the average 150 pound person can burn over 125 calories in 30 minutes of trampoline jumping? Take the kids to an indoor trampoline park this summer and spend family time together while you jump.

Jumping jacks, running in place, tuck jumps and just regular jumping will help you get a great trampoline workout. Plus, the trampoline helps by making those high-impact moves low-impact. Try adding some wrist weights (around 3 pounds) and bicep curls to get a better caloric burn when jumping on the trampoline.


If you have a summer camping trip planned then I know a hike is on your agenda. It provides a great cardio workout while you take in the sights and sounds of nature. If you are carrying a backpack with camping gear in it, you get the added benefit of a nice leg workout too.

If camping is not your speed, find a trail in your area and go for a morning or sunset bike ride or jog to avoid the summer heat that comes in the afternoon and early evening.

Beach/Sand Activities

In my past life, I lived in the ocean because nothing energizes me more than the beach! The sound of the waves, the sand in my toes, and the sun on my face…it’s heavenly. Try getting in a good workout while at the beach this summer.

Look for beach yoga classes or enjoy a game of sand volleyball. If that sounds like too much, simply go for a run, jog or walk along the beach for a good cardio and leg workout. If you have bad knees, be careful as sand can make for a difficult exercise surface but if you don’t have knee concerns, the sand can help make your workout more intense.

 The summer is calling your name. Get out, get fit and enjoy this season while you can!


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