If you have no energy, what can you really give to the World? #midweekmotivation

What happens when you fill up a beaten box or touch a weathered flower? How far can you walk in worn down soles or how much can you carry with weary arms? These questions are pertinent to understanding when it’s time to refresh and reflect.

I’ve run into this very moment, where I’m giving my all but have somehow and for some reason started busting at the seams. I’ve been blessed with so much at this point that I’ve been putting in overtime to ensure that I don’t lose any of it. So much so that I’m now running on empty. Making silly mistakes. Forgetting important details. Confused on what’s up and what’s down. I mean straight trippin’. But here’s why; I’ve forgotten that each blessing placed in front of me is for me. I don’t have to fight for it anymore. I need to value it and look towards the next one.

We all need to understand that blessings are gifts.  They are moments, people, and/or actions that God has placed upon us, for us. If you’re like me, you don’t even see them coming or you asked and didn’t realize that it was finally the right time for it. Either way, they come right on time, every time, when we give into our faith. Not when we break our backs and minds.

OUR mid-week motivation this week is to take a break, physically and mentally. Allow the world to revolve and live in it, not against it. We are all unique beings and all have something to share with the world. Take time to refresh and regroup so that the story you tell is one that is genuine to your soul, not the result of your exhaustion.


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