These Four Words will Change Your Life

Artwork: “Dream Catcher” by Frank Morrison

Last month, I came across four words that were astonishing and just mind-blowing. It was one that I’d heard before, but that I never really digested properly. I’ve seen memes and quotes floating around Instagram that explores the notion but it wasn’t until I watched Uncensored with Rick Ross that I realized how truthful they were.

When I tell you that these words spark some amazing ass energy, reflection, and action, I mean I’ve told these same words to almost everyone that I’ve spoken with since I’ve watched the episode. I’ve even outlined five additional revenue streams that I’m currently putting in place because the statement is honest, empowering and motivational.

Ok, so are you ready for the four life-altering words? Here we go…

There are no limitations. 

No really, there are NONE. Not one. If you want to have a nice house, or your dream job, or a closer relationship with God, or start a revolution than what’s really stopping you? If your answer is “nothing” then you’re correct. If your answer is anything else then “nothing” then there may be one obstacle that you do need to overcome first before you understand this concept – yourself.

You are stopping yourself from the things that you want. That’s it! I know it’s easier to look around and compare yourself to this person or that person or look to the past to say what “that experience” or “this experience” did to you but your reality is what you make it. You can either make a sour face from those lemons or understand that after the sour taste dissolves, your body just received some power nutrients that will do some amazing things for your skin, liver and overall health in the future. In other words, forget the glass being half empty, it’s always half full.

You’re hearing this from a black woman whose past would make you blush, cry, shout, curse and all those other overwhelming emotions and who now, at 34, is making a choice to embody these four keywords. I’m challenging you to do the same.

No one can and should keep you from your heart’s desires. Who can tell you that where you are in life is where you should be when you feel that you deserve so much more? No one can. Why let the world limit your potential by its assumed standards? Keep in mind who made those “standards” – humans. When something hasn’t been done or seen yet, it only means that you have an opportunity to be the first. Be a pioneer and go do it.

It won’t be an easy process but it will be an amazing journey. And there will be many times when we will forget about those four words. Those moments when darkness covers us or those we care about and we forget that above that dark cloud, shines the sun.

This week I want you to put this affirmation on your board, mirror, Post-it note, or where ever you will see it every day: I hold the power to possibilities. There are no limits or obstacles that can keep me from my happiness. Not even myself.


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