Five Ways to Brace for Life’s Storms

Photo: Favour Omoruyi

Our journey through life has many sunny and cloudy days. The blessings that we receive normally come after an obstacle or storm. There are times we want something to happen by XX date and it never does because God has the final word. And a lot of the time as we wait on that final “word,” He tests our resilience and trust in His power. For some of us, these tests feel relentless. It’s like when we get through one tsunami, there’s a hurricane around the corner.

Personally, there was a seven-year period where I thought I would never see the sun again. Where I completely thought that I was supposed to cry every day, or I was supposed to hurt even if I hadn’t physically fallen. But I made it, and if you feel the same, you will too.

Let me be your light at the end of the tunnel.

Now understand that you will never be able to stop life from happening – my life is far from perfect and easy – but there are several techniques that I’ve learned that have helped me to prepare and brace both my physical and mental states for possible bad weather.

  1. Take care of your body. This is something that I’ve taken more seriously recently. I’ve started eating to my blood type, which is B+, to help my body digest and receive the nutrients it needs. Add in exercising about three times a week, for at least 30 minutes, and I have to say that I’m feeling great! This point is to help your body be as strong as it can be just in case it has to fight an illness that you can’t see coming. Your heart is the most valuable asset you have. Take pride in keeping it strong.
  2. Take care of your mind. Our biggest competitor, our greatest critic, and our loudest cheerleader is ourselves. The key is to understand that within all of those roles, balance is necessary. We can either push ourselves to the brink of destruction or not push ourselves enough to live our purpose. Balance is the vital factor in maintaining our sanity. Taking mental breaks is as important as being president of your organization. Getting rest is as needed as being the best mother you can be to your child. I know balance can be one of the most difficult daily tasks to complete, but you can do it. Be intentional. Set alarms to make you do – or not do – things and stick with it. Take naps when you have to get up earlier to knock something out or stay up late to get ahead of the next day. It’s possible and you are the catalyst to it all.
  3. Money matters, so save. Money does make the world go round, but you don’t have to be the richest person to live on it. Being smart about what you do with your money is key in not living for money. My uncle taught me to keep six months worth of costs in the bank and I’ve needed it. My family and support systems told me to get all the insurances (health, life, supplemental, short-term, long-term, car, home, furniture, etc.) and I’ve needed it. Pay for things that support those areas in your life that you value. Then stash the rest away for those stormy days.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people. This is a very important point that I don’t think people really digest. A positive person is NOT the yes woman (or man). They are also NOT the Debbie or Donald (see what I did there) downer. It is a person that smiles when you do great things but isn’t scared to speak up when they are worried about you failing or getting hurt. They are who our community calls our ridas, day 1s (or 2s in my case), cheerleaders, advisors and support systems. Do understand that it’s not always about you and that to keep these positive people in your life you must learn to provide them the same real support that they bless you with.
  5. Have faith. This may sound like an easy one but it’s not. When you’re going through a disaster, it’s normal for you to question your faith. But, allow your faith to answer. If you listen close enough and pay attention to the signs (and not downplay or avoid what you see right in front of your face), you will ALWAYS get the answer that you need to push through any situation. If you don’t have faith, go get you some.

We can’t control or predict everything, but we can prepare and be confident that we will always make it through any storm that hits.

With passion,



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  1. KellyK says:

    Enjoyed this DNC! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Niccole "DNC" Coleman says:

      Thanks KellyK!

  2. Really inspiring post! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Niccole "DNC" Coleman says:

      Thank you for reading! Follow us for more inspiration.

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