Salute H.E.R. and Watch H.E.R. Work!

It’s always a good day to let your fellow girlfriend, sis, rida, or just another bomb woman know that they are wonderful and doing great things. Today we salute a couple of contributors from H.E.R. Crisis.

Erin is saluted as a Home Design Blogger that Inspires


Our design and lifestyle guru Erin Marshall of Live Pretty on a Penny was highlighted as one of eight inspirational home design bloggers of color in a September feature on The Maria Antoinette. From the feature, Erin’s blog is described as a creator looking to

“inspire her readers to take charge and create spaces within their homes that make them happy.”

We see you sis!

DNC’s Short Story Picked Up for New Anthology

Our resident storyteller Niccole “DNC” Coleman‘s short story “Beauty Hurts” was picked up by the publishing house Z Publishing for their Anthology Georgia’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, now available on Amazon.


If you grab a copy, be sure to leave a review about her story and be sure to visit her Passion-fy or passionate fiction bookstore to purchase her other pieces. Word on the street is that she just completed her third book which is based on a short story from her bestseller Untraditional

Okay sis, get it!


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