Salute H.E.R. and Watch H.E.R. Work!

It's always a good day to let your fellow girlfriend, sis, rida, or just another bomb woman know that they are wonderful and doing great things. Today we salute a couple of contributors from H.E.R. Crisis. Erin is saluted as a Home Design Blogger that Inspires Our design and lifestyle guru Erin Marshall of Live … Continue reading Salute H.E.R. and Watch H.E.R. Work!


Friday’s Short Story: Daydreaming

Friday is here and to get ready to un-wind for the weekend, and maybe even some early Valentine's Day love, here's a quick short story to get your senses right. Originally Posted on The Chronicles of DNC All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever … Continue reading Friday’s Short Story: Daydreaming

Beauty Hurts [A Short Story Dedicated to Our Daughters]

Enjoy this fictional reading break from a H.E.R. contributor and creator, Niccole "DNC" Coleman, dedicated to our daughters. Originally posted on The Chronicles of DNC. Photo Cred: Daughters of Niccole "DNC" Coleman pictured above The mirror shattered and shards of glass ripped through my face. I smiled. The tears that fled down my cheeks from … Continue reading Beauty Hurts [A Short Story Dedicated to Our Daughters]

New cover, new outlook, same sexy verbiage.

A quick and simple Mid-WYFE Motivation for this week: Change is good! Invest in a little change and see how far it goes.

Here’s a reblog about my most recent change and why I choose to do it. Plus, if you like what you see, read through for an added bonus!

The Chronicles of DNC

If you have been following my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) you might have noticed something different…yep my book cover.

Here are five reasons why I change my book cover:

  • Change for the better: As a businesswoman and a marketer, I understand that winter-2017-untraditional-cover_b_frontsometimes you have to adapt your strategy to get your product, i.e. my words, more visible to an ideal audience. FYI, keep reading to get a discount on this “change”.
  • Realism vs. animation: I like to think of myself as a creative being, and even though I love my original cover because it depicts the woman who I strive to be—quietly sexy and choosing to go my own unique way—I needed it to draw in new readers within the current contemporary/erotica genre. My reality check is that Passion-fy is in it’s grassroots phase, and will take time to catch on. And that’s okay…

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