The Devil Don’t Play So Keep Your Mind Right: 3 Ways I Stay Focused

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

True story: A couple of weeks ago, I finished my third manuscript and I was elated! If you follow me on Instagram (@author_dnc) you saw my whole dance video dedicated to my #blackgirljoy. I mean it felt like such an amazing accomplishment.

Fast forward to 12 hours later as I stood in the bathroom mirror looking at the cloud hovering over my head. I was lost in doubt about WHAT THE HELL I WAS DOING! Like why was I still trying to chase this dream and why was I so happy about starting a whole new phase — the treacherous #amediting.

I tell ya folks, that devil jumped so fast on my back that I almost forgot about how happy I was earlier.

And that’s just what he does, right when you think you’ve accomplished something major, maybe even life-altering, he tries to test your gangsta by putting thoughts of doubt and mistrusts about your gift in your mind. So it’s in those moments that your mental tenacity is tested.

Here are three ways that I exercise those doubtful demons and strengthen my mental muscles that you could try too:

  1. Remember where you have been and all the things you have already made it through. God made you as strong as you are for a reason!
  2. My track coach once told me, “If you don’t get butterflies before the race, then you ain’t ready.” Take that moment as your “butterflies” are stirring right before you go get that win.
  3. And if all else fails, call on your team to remind you of your purpose. Remember they are in your life for a reason, so lean on them whenever you can.

This week, focus on pushing through doubts about your next steps. It’s your time to be your greatest you. Don’t allow the devil or anyone else to distract you from your purpose.



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