Dear Sis: An Open Letter to Black Women

Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash

I am not in competition with you Sis! You are dope and so am I. It’s a genetic thing that we can’t avoid or deny, so why don’t we come to a truce and focus on our revolution.

I totally get why you may have issues with trusting the positive energy that I’m trying to throw your way. We’ve all had our struggles when it comes to our looks, our intelligence, our sexuality, and our love but that’s exactly why we should focus on greater things together. We may not walk in the same shoes but damnit if our paths haven’t turned us down some similar dark roads. Just know that you are not alone on that road. Take my hand and we’ll find the light together.

I want you to know that I do love and respect you. So from this day forward, I vow to show you that I do, as much as I can. On days when I don’t have anything nice to say, I’ll shut up…for you. On days when the sun is shining brightly on my world, I’ll make sure to tilt it your way too. Instead of judging each other for thinking differently, let’s seek the opportunity to learn new perspectives spurred by different experiences. Isn’t’ that the whole reason God made us unique in his image?

Sis, I’m scared that if we don’t alter our energy towards one another, we may miss this amazing moment happing right now in the world. It’s our time to use our power for greatness.

We are the catalyst for change. We are the fire of the revolution. We owe this to our men, our children, and the world to help get things right. However, we must first start with how we deal with each other.

So Sis, I’m with you. It’s going to be a process to change our attitudes toward each other but at least, let’s take some steps.

I’ll smile rather than smirk at you. I’ll let you know when you’re glowing rather than just glare at your dope outfit. I’ll ask you if you need help when I see you struggling with your kids, rather than think about what I wouldn’t do in your place. And hopefully, we’ll teach each other how to do and be better so that when it’s our time to take a leadership position in our life and on this Earth, we will do so knowing that we have a community of black woman there to support the mission that God has placed on us.

The world will watch, learn and grow.

Stay strong Sis. I got you!


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