Live Your Truth Even If It Scares You

Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash

I no longer believe that being a woman is both a gift a curse. I only see the blessing and opportunity in living my truth. So let me share my truth with you…hi, my name is Niccole and I’m an alpha female.

What is an alpha female? A woman who was raised to be self-serving, never dependent on another for success or money, with a soul soaked in Christianity even when her physical steps may move imperfectly. There are many powerful advantages in being an alpha female and even more powerful flaws that come with such a title. The one I’ll touch on today is a vital one — trust.

My trust issues started when I was young. I actually remember that one time my mom promise me that she would take me somewhere and she didn’t. She lied, at least in my childish mind she did. I don’t know if it’s just a Sagittarius thing but, I feel like I remember every time that someone has lied, burned or hurt me. Those are memories that I want to forget but just can’t. They sit at the forefront of my brain somedays trying to teach me some lesson but most of the time they seem to stop me from taking another step. It was a debilitating feeling before I took the time to realize how much it threatened my success.

To this day, acknowledging this truth hurts in more than one way. It hurts to remember those “lessons” and it hurts to think about disregarding them too — no one wants to make the same mistake twice. Thank God I’m not fighting this internal kryptonite by myself.

Owning this truth has helped me to tackle it. It’s like once I verbally spoke “I have major trust issues,” other black alpha females who were either dealing with it in the moment or just dealt with it, came to my rescue. It’s amazing what obstacles you can overcome by just being you and sharing it with the world. Believe me it’s a scary thing, but with each step your take, each time you acknowledge a fault, flaw or weakness, you’re empowering yourself to overcome it and at the same time sending a call to those who can help you.

When’s the last time you’ve acknowledge your truth, both your strengths and weaknesses? Does it scare you too? If you’re answer is yes, that’s great because it means that you’re human. It’s what you do after the answer that matters most.

I want to encourage you to embrace your truth and tell someone. You don’t feel like you can tell someone? Well, tell us here or email us ( It’s time that you push yourself to greatness by embracing all of you, not just the good parts. Our weaknesses are doors to new opportunities, you just have to be willing to tackle what ever is behind each door.


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