Wednesday Words from H.E.R.: Pitching a Book Ain’t Easy

Originally published on “Pitching to Literary Agents…

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

Our local book author and writer DNC shares why she had a major delay in pitching her third book–plus the tips you should know if you’re thinking about pitching your own book.

Pitching to Literary Agents: See what had happened was…

by DNC

No really, listen. My goal for fall 2018 was to start pitching to literary agents. I have my top five list, what they are looking for and what to send them. I was on par to get things our right after Thanksgiving but what had happened was…

A wake-up call. And not just a normal “get up,” it was a “you need to wake up and put your best foot out there” type of alarm.

Here’s how it started. When you’re pitching to literary agents, there are several pieces of materials that they like to have to review your work;

  • A query letter
  • The first three chapters or a portion of your book, and
  • A synopsis

Each piece is for different reasons. A query letter introduces your work including your word count, the genre (multiple if they fit), the audience and the pitch. The pitch is why that literary agent should even read the first line of your book; what makes your piece stand out from the million on potential authors; and how it can make money.

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