Put Down All Those Bags: Take Life as it Comes

Photo by Rodrigo Borges de Jesus on Unsplash

Are you that kind of woman that needs to be in control. Okay, maybe not full control but you want to handle all that you can handle, at once. Like when you have a few bags of groceries, you try to carry them all in at once with your purse, computer bag and anything else you can squeeze in your arms or tie around your wrist?

If this is you…stop it Sis! We’re (because I fall into this category too) are doing too much. As a black woman, I was taught at a young age that I can handle everything. Words like “God wouldn’t put more on you than you can handle,” which was actually being misused seeing that he was really talking about lusting for the skin, but I’m digressing so let me get back on topic.

The fact of the matter is that yes, we can do it all. We can take on as many bags as we need too but should we. The answer is simply no. We can actually take things on one at a time. Just think about this: Rather than trying to knock out 10 projects in one day, what if you dedicate your hours to nailing three projects that you are proud of and can actually remember doing at the end of the day.

Being a multitasker is amazing, but honestly, it doesn’t support a long life. It stresses your body, brain, and spirit. It may even devalue the things that you do since it’s hard to put 100% into 10 different things at once.

It’s simple math really. One you plus 10 projects plus cooking dinner, cleaning and taking care of yourself and being there for others times seven days a week minus hours of sleep equals one exhausted woman on the brink of a breakdown. Not to mention a woman who neglects her achievements because she’s too busy moving on the next things.

We were given this life to live; learn, grow, enjoy the moments we can and do some amazing things along the way.

I need us all to take a moment and take our time. This week, don’t try to do it all at once, pace yourself. Take in one “bag” at a time and see how much energy you have at the end of the day. Just think about what you could do with that extra energy and oh, don’t forget about the amazing sleep you will enjoy that night. You deserve it Sis!


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