Erotic Fiction Fridays – Daydreaming

Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash

by DNC

I heard the alarm blaring and I noticed it was 8:45 a.m. — 15 minutes until my final psychology exam.

“Shit!” I jumped up and threw on my sneakers. I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth and my hair. I took a peep in the mirror before I came out. “I looked a mess,” I thought to myself but I had to go. I was lucky to get out of the apartment by 8:52 a.m. with less than 10 minutes left before my exam. Good thing I was only five minutes from campus. I speed down some side streets and grabbed a parking spot right in front of the McClure A&S building.

As I walked in the auditorium I noticed that almost every seat was filled. I raced up the stairs knowing I only had seconds to get set to take the last test of my college life.


I looked up into the fifth row from the top and saw Dominic. I was so happy to see he saved me a seat. As I finally got to my seat, Professor Sawyer stepped into the room.

“Man, could you cut it any closer?” Dominic questioned me. I just laughed and thanked him.

“Alright class! Let’s get it poppin’.” Professor started on his semi-cool but still very geekish rant before he handed out the tests.

I was so happy that Dominic thought about me. Sure I wanted to take my test but I was more excited to take it next to him. Dominic was also a senior majoring in psychology but not your normal psychology geek. He was 6’2”, a solid 205 with sun glazed skin and grey eyes. His English was great even though his strong Barbados accent. Everything about him oozed player — an obvious hoe magnet — but I had never seen him treat any woman with any disrespect even with the hoes that threw themselves with him. I couldn’t lie; I had a huge crush on him.
The professor’s rant made me fall into a normal Dominic daydream:

I saw the classroom empty and instead of Dominic sitting next to me, he was standing at the front of the room by the teacher’s desk. I looked around and realized that we were truly alone.

“Come here.” He called to me. Without hesitation, I stood up and started walking down the stairs. I noticed that the shabby sweatpants and t-shirt I originally had on was now a black dress with two slits on the side, set off with some red four and a half inch peep-toe stilettos. I could even feel my hair blowing in some sort of hidden wind from within the classroom. That’s weird. I finally made it down the stairs and as I took that last step he used all his strength to knock everything off the desk. I knew what was next. He gestured for me to give him my hand and I did. He pulled me in close and matched up our lips perfectly. His tongue was smooth and perfect. It knew exactly what it was doing. He pulled me closer by my ass and proceeded to lay me across the dress. I laid back awaiting his next moves. He got down on his knees and took his time taking my shoe off, kissing each toe and then moving his way up my calf. His hands led the way. He rubbed my thighs and then his mouth made it to the same location, not missing a spot. He rubbed my inner thighs and again kissed both without missing a spot. I let out a small groan and felt his hand move to my cove.


“Yeah” I whispered as I awaited his next move

“Are you going to pass these down?”

“Huh?” I was suddenly pulled from my fabulous dream and brought back to reality.

“Ah, the test…yes, I will pass them down.”

He laughed. He knew I daydreamed a lot but he had no clue that he was the star of most of my mental screenplays.

After we finished the test and we headed to the nearby bar to celebrate our last collegiate achievement.

It was packed. I walked through the door to only get pushed back by some guy butting me in line.

“Hey man, don’t bump her.” Dominic’s protection over me was so refreshing seeing that I’d never had a guy friend who ever went that extra mile just to make sure I was ok.

I smiled at him. “Thanks!”

He grabbed my hand and led me and a couple other classmates into the bar. I suddenly feel back into another dream as we all began ordering our meal:

This time the bar was full and roaring from excitement from the closure of finals week. We all sat at a table together with me and Dominic sitting right next to each other. We told jokes, we laugh and we drank. Before I knew it I was tipsy. Our classmate was in mid-conversation when I leaned over to Dominic and told him “I want you”.

His face wasn’t shocked but excited and he whispered back “me too”. I smiled and put my hand on his leg. He complimented my hand with his. First patting it and then moving it upward on his thigh. I could feel my blood pumping faster in that hand, anticipating what treasure I was going to find. Our hands moved higher and I began to feel the tip of his shaft…

“Hey, do you want anything else?”

Damn it! It happened again. I flew back into reality noticing that everyone was preparing to exit the bar.

“No. I’m good. Thanks for asking though.”

“Of courses. I got your check.” He grabbed for my receipt.

“No I have,” I grabbed it back out of his hand.

“No for real. Let me take care of it one last time,” he pleaded.

Like I said Dominic was a gentleman and he loved taking care of me so he handled most of the bills on our outings.

“Ok. I’m not going to fight you.” I replied ‘but if we were naked on the beach I would’ I thought to myself.

“I have a few leftovers from my graduation party. You want to come by for a few drinks?”

“Why not; Finals are OVER!” I screamed which made the bar exploded in yells and chants. We laughed and headed out.

Dominic drove a 2014 Infiniti Hybrid. Yep, he was gorgeous and environmentally conscious. I left my car on campus and rode with him back to his place.

When we first met I tried my best to figure out how a young man from Miami, FL had all this loot. Based on his nerdy and gentle personality, I assumed he wasn’t a drug dealer but I did wonder if he was into something else – maybe prostitution. But after years of unsuccessful investigations, I just chopped up his wealth to the passing of his parents when he was only 12.

We pulled up to his condo — yes condo in college — and took the elevator to the 12th floor. His apartment was definitely a bachelor’s pad full arcade games like Pacman and Duck Hunter and even a Baywatch pinball table. When you walked into his bar area, his walls were covered with Scarface posters and above his cabinets was a mini, personal, liquor store. The ironic thing was that he wasn’t a real drinker; Just a social one.

“Let’s see. You want patron with a splash of sour mix?”

“How did you know?” I sarcastically answered. It was an inside joke. He knew exactly what I loved especially since he saw that same drink make its debut sophomore year when I was just getting my drinking legs under me. That night at the bar, the drink’s superpower took over and put me on my ass after just two glasses.

“I can’t believe we’re finally done. What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know.” He answered. “Don’t judge me but I might go to Grad school”

“Really!?” I never thought of Dominic as the bookworm. Yeah he was a little nerdish in a gentle genius kind of way but I figured with those brains and his looks, he could easily get a great job right out of school.

“What about you?” He bounced back to me.

“I don’t know either. Probably go find a good job and hope it’s the one I want to retire at.”

“I hear you.” As he was answering he leaned over and pulled up a picture next to his couch.

“Remember when we went to Jamaica for spring break?” I moved closer to him and snatched the picture out of his hand.

“Of course I remember that trip. Sophomore year, right after we met. I thought you were gorgeous…” I stopped my statement immediately, realizing the word vomit that just came out of my mouth. I said just a little too much.

“Oh really. I’m gorgeous huh?” We laughed and I nodded. And I tried to change the topic.

“Do you remember when you fell…”

He interrupted me. “So why haven’t you told me this before?”

“Honestly, I was hoping to keep it to myself. You’re a great friend and I would never do anything to mess that up you know.”

He turned his body toward me on the couch, seemingly very interested in this new “gorgeous” topic.

“Why would you telling me that ever mess up our friendship?”

“I don’t know man. You’ve seen the movies.” We both laughed and then it went silent. Not an awkward silence but more of a “what now” silence.

He finally broke the silence. “I think you’re kind of cute too.”

“Kind of!” I yelled back and jumped on him, wrestling him to the floor. We wrestled a lot and I enjoyed it each time. It gave me another reason to fantasize about him. Just feeling him touch me was so amazing, even if it was in a childish way.

I was winning this match when he chimed in. “Hey, hey!” He yelled. I slowed my attack on his body to listen.

“I think you should have said something before. I think…we could have been doing this before if you did…but maybe without any clothes on.”

I was totally taken back from his comment. I got off of him and sat on the couch. He sat up from the floor. “Maybe that came out wrong.”

“It came out as if you would prefer to do something more than wrestle. Am I correct?” I felt like my question was rhetorical.

This was the first time anything like this had been brought up. I made sure to lock away my thoughts and feelings, my attraction and lust for him. But at that moment, I think we both knew the answer to my question. He confirmed my thought by standing up right in front of me and I joined him. I wanted his lips more than I ever dreamt before. So this time I went for it. I pulled his collar down, ensuring that my aim was on point. And for the first time ever I wasn’t dreaming about this moment, I was living the moment. Pressed my lips on his, slowing taking in our first kiss. His lips soon relaxed into mine and I felt his tongue meet mine for the first time. Another first. The warmth our mouths was enough to make my body melt. And then the kiss stopped. He turned toward his room and grab my hand but did not take a step. He turned back toward me, waiting for my command, after all, he was a true gentleman. I looked deep into those grey eyes and saw what I wanted. I nodded ‘yes’ to him and we walked back to his room.
I sat down on his bed as he closed the door.

“Before anything happens, I need to know,” he started in “…what it is that you want?” I arched my brow at him. He sat down with me and restated his question.

“What do you want from this moment?”

“I want you out of my dreams”

He quietly laughed “What dreams?”

“My daydreams.”

“I don’t think this is going to help” he responded.

“But it will,” I answered back. There will be no dreaming after this. Just memories of my new reality. I was now ready to get what I wanted. “Now lay down,” I told him.

I assumed he was a little in shock with my answer since he had never seen me talk in such a bold manner, so I help him by pushing him down and then falling on top of him. I kissed the top of his ear, slowly, and then licked around the edge. The room was so quiet that we could hear both of our hearts racing.
I moved to his neck and took my time kissing from the left to right and back left again.

He let out a little groan and I smiled through the kisses. He took his massive hands and began caressing my back and soon lowered them to my hips.

I put my hands on his abs and felt his six-pack — chiseled and heating up from our pending contact.

“Are you ready?” He whispered in my ear. I straddled him and sat straight up so he could see my response.

“Yes!” I exhaled. I closed my eyes and allowed my dream to come to life.


Did you like this story? What would you do if your college crush was finally open to living out your daydreams?

This is the first chapter, and last excerpt, from DNC’s Amazon best selling book Untraditional: A Collection of Passion-fy Short Stories. Grab your copy today!


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