#EroticFiction Fridays: Raw

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Yes, yes, yes! It’s time again for #EroticFiction Friday but can we switch it up on you this week? You got a taste of it last week but let’s enjoy a little wordplay with some erotic poetry. Let us know what you think about “Raw” by DNC. We’re rolling into the last two #EroticFiction Friday posts before the summer break. Do you like them? Let us know in the comments below.

[Rated R – Passion at its fullest!]

by DNC

[Poem from Like. Love. Lust.: A Collection of Passion-fy Prose and Poetry, available on Amazon]

No practice needed,
dive right in, the pool is warm.

Trust your passion and your power,
You are already very ready.
I see your calm before the storm.

Don’t listen to others,
Or watch what you say.

I need the raw you.
That untamed, salacious savage you’re hiding.
I’m here to liberate your body in every way.

Please, no porn star-like theatrics,
Only real-life acrobatics.

Show me why you’re a gym maniac.
Don’t resist your natural inclinations,
I’ll be sure to be your personal apparatus.

Please don’t apologize, just go deeper.
Longer. Stronger. Be strong, I can take it.

I’m not scared to be pushed,
Douse you with physical encouragement.
Words of endearment about how you formulate it.

Release all those pent up dreams
Pour them over my curves.

Drown my thoughts, into my soul.
Into a place where you are only allowed
A place that is perfectly yours.

Yes, give me you.
The raw, tenacious ruler.
Rule over every inch of my kingdom.

Be you. Be pure. Be sure.
Let your heart live it this most intimate adventure.


Like this poem? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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