Black Women Trailblazing toward the History Books

This month we celebrate women’s history but like our other themed months, like Black History Month, we need to make sure we’re celebrating all year long. And let’s not just celebrate, let’s enrich our own daily lives with women’s history—then and now. 

Speaking of now, let’s take some time to learn more about a few black women who are making history as we type. 

Photo: Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard University

Amanda Gorman (@amandascgorman)

This better not be the first time you’re hearing about this generation’s leader. Amanda Gorman at 22-years-old is the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history AND the only poet to do the Super Bowl halftime show. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this amazing soul. She has two books coming out in September, a children’s book and a poetry collection, and she has written for the New York Times. You know so much more is coming. Her journey has been going for a while now but it has leveled up since she’s smashed these milestones. 

Photo: Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Misha Green (Twitter: @mishagreen | IG @mishatrillxxl)

Misha is much more than a writer, she is a true storyteller. Some may know (or not so shame on you) that she is the producer and writer of the dope supernatural HBO series, Lovecraft Country, but she has also worked on the show Underground and Helix. Oh, but don’t get it twisted, her movie and show credits don’t stop there. This creator is all about pushing the limits of her characters and society’s norms. Did I mention that she drops tips—I hope you caught her share of the script for Ep. 1 of Lovecraft County—and motivation cues to help us all get our creative juices flowing. We haven’t seen anything yet. Hell, Times just honored her on their Times 100 Next 2021 list (Amanda is on there too of course). Thank God for forthcoming season 2 of Lovecraft County and all the other projects she’s going to sneak on us. 

Lyneezy Vanee (@_lynezzy)

This woman drops black history nuggets that will give you life and lessons. You can catch her on TickTock, Instagram, YouTube and other social channels. My favorite sessions with her are the “Parking Lot Pimping” or how I like to call it “snatch your wig and burn your edges” educational chats based on literature and statistics in someone’s parking lot. Her words continue to flex our brain cells. She gives us gems through poetry, podcasts, and products (oh my). Sis is direct, unapologetic, and consistent. Who doesn’t need to follow more people like that daily?  She’s moving only up and you need to make sure you learn from her rise. 

Photo: Saul Loeb/AP

Kamala Harris (@kamalaharris)

The First black women vice president of the United States of America. Need we say more. Go catch up or Madam Harris!


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