Five Questions to Ask Yourself in the New Year

3…2…1…Happy New Year! Yes, those are words we yell after that clock strikes midnight as we focus on the next 12 months ahead of us. We focus so much on new resolutions by creating vision boards, starting a notebook of new workouts, or even writing new mantras on our mirrors or post-it notes.

Looking ahead is a refreshing thought, but reflecting on the past is our best way to understand which direction our next steps should move. Instead of wiping clean your mental, physical or spiritual slate, let’s take time to look back and remember how we were able to walk into the new year.

Before you attend that vision board event, start by writing answers to these questions:

• What are the things that I’m most proud of from 2022?
• What obstacles did I overcome?
• Who stood next to me in my tough times?
• Who motivated me?
• What made me smile? List them all.

Rather than only focusing on a “new everything” mentality, I challenge you to look back on what “old and ain’t broke” habits you should continue into 2023.


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