Beating up other women or should I say our own girls!

I want to step on some toes today and talk about how judgmental some of us, women are. I know this has been discussed on every media network in the world but because I am African-American and all the comments I hear come from other African-Americans I want to bring it up.

WHO THE HELL CARES IF MISS GABBY DOUGLAS’ HAIR ISN’T UP TO YOUR STANDARDS. She is 16, just won two gold medals and has endorsements coming out the waz-zu!! Do you think she is supposed to care about what you think. I’ll let you in on a secret, when I was 16 years old and in sports….I didn’t give a damn what my hair looked like.

Let our young girls actually look like young girls. Would you rather she had curly weave down her back? Or maybe you would be happy if she had a picked out 7 inch fro? No…probably not. Get over yourself and realize that this young lady is a model for all of our young ladies, not just her hair. Be proud to call her one of our daughters/little sisters because she is! In the words of my girl Andrea off of Hollywood Exes “Check ya email boo”!

Be supportive. Be proud. Our youth needs it!

16 with Track hair

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