When did different equal bad?

I needed a quick vent from the event I just saw.

Question:  Why do some women hate to see another woman doing something differently?


I’m at the gym getting ready to hit the treadmill and I noticed that the next aerobics class is starting. I see there is some commotion right outside of the room. I overhear “Who is that?” and “What is she doing?” I look inside the room and search for point of interest. I continued to look and notice that a shapely woman was the instructor of this class. By shapely I mean that, a shapely woman she wasn’t a size 2, but neither were the women talking about her. Anyway, this group of gossiping women, that also included other shapely women, made a huge scene about this not being your “average” size instructor.

Was it really that serious? No one made them take the class but yet they put so much effort into judging this woman. Did they ever think that she, I don’t know, ENJOYED leading classes? Maybe she was on a journey to get healthier and this was another step for her. Or maybe she was actually good at what she does. Maybe she’s a break dancing or a certified yoga instructor? I don’t know but I do know its crazy how quickly some people will judge another person just because they choose to do something different; something that most of us aren’t willing to do. Needless to say, the class filled up and everyone looked like they were having a great workout. In yo face haters! In the words of one of my childhood dance songs “Gone big girl, what chu gone do!”

Please take some time to look in the mirror before you run off judging the world!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Darrieal says:

    Amen I agree I get judged for working out beacuse I’m small and I think thats crazy. I can want to stay in shape and either way its my business!

  2. Tenisha says:

    Well since I haven’t seen a gym since 2006, I don’t have much to say however “healthy” has many definitions, curves and shapes can be healthy as well as small and skinny. You define your healthy…..YOU GO HEALTHY!

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