On to her next…

Today I sent my youngest daughter off to her first day in a new school and in a new city. She woke up fearless, ready to start this new day. I woke up worried, nervous about her new world. Now I have to confess that I am an avid worrier, especially about anything that is brand new, but this was different. There were so many thoughts that swarmed me that I thought I was going to go insane.

As I watched her get ready, I wished that the world was just as simple as picking out a school outfit and making sure you have all your supplies each day. Time has proven that the world is much more.  

There are so many things in that I wish I could protect her from every second of the day; peer pressure, bullying, strangers, the internet (no really) and list goes on. Sure I can control her environment when she is at home and around our family but as we all know, it is impossible be there every second, of every hour, on every day.

But as I sat there stirring up all my worries I was hit hard with an epiphany; this was her moment to show me, to make me a believer. I was reminded that this intelligent, bright, and in some moments wise, young girl is ready to take on these challenges. Her fearlessness brought me comfort and understanding.  I do believe in her and what she is capable of achieving.

Sometimes we have to trust in our kids and our youth. We have to supply them with the tools and knowledge to lead them in the right direction and then watch them take steps.

The doorbell rang and she flew downstairs to meet up with her friends. As I watched her walk down to the bus stop and stand there with her friends, I have to admit that I cried. They were tears of excitement, pride and fear, all mixed together. She’s growing up fast and sometimes I wish time would slow down but I have enjoyed every moment of OUR first day and can’t wait for more first! On to her next…


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  1. Darrieal says:

    When kids are raised right they tend to do right and that’s all you can do really. Everyone has a mind of their own and eventually will make their own decisions no matter what. Being in your childs life is the key and you got that covered… 🙂

  2. Crystal Jackson says:

    That is the life of a true mother. It doesn’t get any easier.

  3. Dana Barka says:

    I wish our kids knew how much we care, how much we cry, how much we sacrifice for them. I didn’t truly appreciate my mom until I became a mom. And now, I finally know.

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