Reality Check: Truisms behind Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

So I’ve finally decided to say my peace on the controversial show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I have taken my time even bringing up the subject because I would hate to support the vision and delivery behind the show but since there are only two episodes left, I guess it is okay to give my personal “reality check” about the show. Please remember this is my personal opinion. It’s amazing some of the conversations that I have heard and that I have been involved with over this show, all of which have been very negative and destructive to the psyches of some.

Let me give you some facts about this show:

  1. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is a show only located in Atlanta, GA. Everyone in the city DOES NOT fall into one of their dramatic and/or detrimental categories (Psychotic, cheating baby daddy; Stripper to singer; Egotistical, maniac boyfriend; Self-indulged entertainer and etc.
  2. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta scenarios are not a full representation of ALL of Atlanta Entertainers, however, the situations that are portrayed do happen around the nation and across the world in any industry. We have all heard of situations or have been in situations very similar to those shown on the show. Sure a lot of it seems scripted but some components are very real.
  3. The members of Love & Hip Hop decided to put their own issues on TV which does not mean that you have to do the same by putting your own person stuff on blast. Nor should you believe that you should continue to stay in a situation like any of those presented, as if they are normal and healthy for your life. I’m not trying to tell anyone how to live their life, but if you are not happy, then you should change it, period. If anything, let this show start conversations about how to better ourselves, our relationships and our community.
  4. Lastly, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is unfortunately one of the many “reality shows” that keep our community from really viewing and supporting more positive showings of our culture. Shows like The Soul Man, Unsung, Tia & Tamara, House of Payne and the list goes on. All my personal favorites

I know for some of us these types of shows give us a break from reality, all I ask is that we don’t forget to support the shows that really teaches and improves us as a community. I would love to have another show or shows like The Cosby Show, that runs for a long time and engraves positive images in our minds, but I know that will never happen again if we continue to put shows like Love & Hip Hop on the top of our list.

Food for thought: Please watch this reunion show as subjective as you can. Remember this is entertainment and not a philosophy to live by.


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  1. Anginique W. says:

    Very well said! I am just concerned about these images shapping our youth..especially young women who may not have a strong woman figure in their lives.

  2. midwyfecrisis says:

    So true Anginique! The responsiblity is then put in the hands of parents and adults to attempt to control our youth’s environment but as we have seen time and time again that is one the hardest things to do. So do we shelter them or do we use shows like this to begin a conversation about values and self image?

  3. Anginique W. says:

    You make a great point. I think they definitely can be tools to open dialog about self image and personal values.

  4. I personally like the show…for just that…entertainment. While this may be relative, I don’t take it for much more than it is, pure entertainment. I dont look at it as a way of life, or anything I strive in life to achieve. It’s sad, but true that some people have to deal with the mess that this show potrays, and is it the most positive image? No. But when I think about shows like For Better or Worse, I have a strong issue with the way Tasha talks to her husband. I have not seen the show, but remembering what she did in the movie. That also portrays and confirms a certain stereotype about our community but I have never heard anyone delving into a deep conversation about that. It’s all entertainment and we can’t look at it as much more than that. Just my two cents:)

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