[Guest Blogger Spotlight] ClosetRunway: How I took a huge step towards my true passion

Today’s guest blogger is the creator of ClosetRunway. She is an up and coming stylist with fabulous style and an abundance of LYFE-STYLE advice. We are happy to have her in the Mid-WYFE Crisis family!

My love and knowledge of fashion grew immensely the more that I talked about it.  Someone finally told me that I should start a blog, write about what you love and see where it takes you. I was extremely nervous because I didn’t think that anyone would care about what I have to say. It took a little push and a lot of research to finally start ClosetRunway on WordPress.  I found blogging to be a great way to express myself and connect to a wide variety of people.  I have used ClosetRunway to talk about some of my favorite things: fashion and beauty. I absolutely love the idea of putting pieces together and creating “looks”. Fashion and hair alike give people the opportunity to express themselves and show individuality. You are allowed to be yourself and more often than not, praised for it. It’s my idea that fashion does not mean spending huge amounts of money on labels; instead you can take pieces from your current wardrobe and be runway ready.

Advice: Go consignment shopping or find a great sale, which allows mixing of old and new to create comprehensive ensembles.




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