Inspiring WYFEs across the World: FLOTUS and Politics

Our FLOTUS is one the most beautiful, smart, and supportive wives that I’ve ever seen. She has definitely set a new, high standard for First Ladies. She inspires us all to not only to take a stand for a purpose but to stand for a purpose with your husband or mate and for your country. Her style exudes the confidence that we all strive for every day. The motherly love that she shows us publicly with her children is everything that we all hope to give and more.

It’s never been a black or white thing, it’s always been a right or wrong thing. I understand that some of my fellow African Americans want our President to announce that he is African American at every step he takes but the last time I checked, we can never say that we aren’t or act if we are not. Race remains the topic of discuss so do we really need our first family to acknowledge that? Not at all. What should be acknowledged is that they are giving millions of people around the US and the world hope and patriotism. I know at times politics seem to be just what it is…politics. But I can honestly say that when our FLOTUS or POTUS speak, I can tell that the message is meant for me not just for the senators or house reps that many other first families have spoken to.

So let me get to my message: Use your right to vote and be proud to have a voice. There are so many that have forgotten the struggle that once was for blacks and women! It has been and still remains a battle so please don’t take your right lightly. As a WYFE I cannot wait to stand in that long line, mark my ballot and get my “I voted today” sticker! We must teach our kids by acting not by speaking. We must VOTE to lay the foundation for the next generation and to not only be heard as a race or sex but as Americans. Be heard or lose your voice.


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  1. Great post!! I love Michelle Obama. I admire that she is so confident and genuine in her message.

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