*Y-Not: Diversify your exercise: Pole Fitness Class #2

As you found out in my first fitness post, I’ve recently enjoyed expanding my horizon with exercises by buying a 5 series pole fitness groupon for Pole Fitness Addicts.  This past weekend’s class was politely entitled “Booty Bounce”. And just like it sounds we explored the muscles that are our gluteus maximus.

Virgo’s lessons included: “The Cowboy”, the “Dollar Dance”, bouncing single, double and triple speed and “5 cent-10 cent-love box-dollar” move.

Our instructor oozed confidence and made us not only work for our “$10 song” but she let us all know that our body types were perfect for whatever we desired to do. The women in class ranged in sizes, color and ages and we all went to work trying to mimic Virgo’s moves. It was a great workout that I’m still feeling days later but it was a great confidence boaster.

Whether you have a flat back, a table top or decided to tone your shape, you have to learn to love you! No one else can do it. If you don’t like something change it. Make your assets, like your butt a piece of you, not the definition of who you are.

Some of my favorite (but tough) glute exercises from MedicineNet.com:


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