Bucket List ALERT: The Gateway City – STL

As I get my taste buds ready for the Taste of Atlanta, I’m reminded of the great eateries and staples that come out my hometown, St. Louis, MO.

Some have a slanted view of my former city due to the crime rates and high unemployment rate but you have to look into the bones of the city. STL was built on the backs of small business owners, both immigrants and former slaves, who supply services and products unlike those around the US. The city is filled with historic homes and beautiful sceneries Even as it goes through these rough patches, St. Louis remains one of the best, most cost-efficient, domestic trips you will be able to take in the US. And for all of these reasons, I’m putting it on the bucket list for everyone to at least visit once.

MidWYFE’s Top 5 Must Do’s in the STL



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