Bucket List: The Gateway City – STL

As I get my taste buds ready for the Taste of Atlanta, I’m reminded of the great eateries and staples that come out my hometown, St. Louis, MO.

Some have a slanted view of my former city due to the crime rates and high unemployment rate but you have to look into the bones of the city. STL was built on the backs of small business owners, both immigrants and former slaves, who supply services and products unlike those around the US. The city is filled with historic homes and beautiful sceneries Even as it goes through these rough patches, St. Louis remains one of the best, most cost-efficient, domestic trips you will be able to take in the US. And for all of these reasons, I’m putting it on the bucket list for everyone to at least visit once.

MidWYFE’s Top 5 Must Do’s in the STL

5) The Gateway Arch: it’s an amazing piece of architecture. Just take a picnic right under the arch and enjoy the horse carriages and children playing about you. It’s an amazing place to watch the 4th of July fireworks. Even though I have yet to go up in it, due to my slight Claustrophobia, I’ve heard it gives you an amazing view of the city and the Mighty Muddy Mississippi.

4) Lacledes Landing: Just yards away from the arch lies cobblestone streets with restaurants and bars lining the sidewalk. The Landing also called the Riverfront, is a great place to bar hop or just take in the sites. No matter what day of the week you choose to walk or drive this path there is always something exciting and hilarious to enjoy.

3) Enjoy Redbird Fever: St. Louis Cardinal fans are die-hard fans and I am proud to say that I fall into that group. When the Cards are in town you are in for an event. The city turns red, literally; fountains are flowing in red and restaurants have their best Cardinal gear displayed inside and outside of their walls. When you can catch a game, you are in for some great drinks, good bonding with friends, family and strangers and some great ball! #CardsNation

2) The FREE Zoo: St. Louis houses one of few FREE Zoo’s in America and it continues to grow in size. This has been one of my favorite spots since I was a kid. I have no problem going there with my girlfriends just to enjoy the day, without any kids. And the animals are always out doing something amazing. In addition there is a wonderful art museum just steps away for the gates.

1) And My top thing to do in St. Louis was an easy pick: Go eat anywhere! No really, St. Louis supplies you with the best fast food spots including the amazing gas burgers that are White Castles; the best date night venues (Since I love sushi we always have to go to Drunken Fish on the Landing); and even the high dollar, superior service fine dining spot that is Kemoll’s. The list goes on so don’t be shy to give other eateries a try.

#ForeverSTLChick bka *DNC


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