Mid-WYFE’s Monday Motivation

Today’s Mid-WYFE’s Monday Motivation: Set an impossible goal and watch the incredible happen!

Sometimes I go through life saying that “I want to do this” or “I want to try that” but for some reason I just don’t do it. A lot of times, it seems crazy for me to want to open up my own restaurant by the age of 40 or for me to put a series of novels by 35 (only 6 years away) but really it’s not crazy at all. I have so many friends that have unique and wonderful ideas about companies, professions or social events but there seems to be like these obstacles (real and imaginary) that are keeping them, and myself, from achieving those goals.  The real obstacle that we all must overcome is fear. Michael Jordan has this great quote that I look at each day when I wake up:

“Fear is an obstacle for some people, but it is an illusion to me . . . Failure always made me try harder next time.”

Fear is truly an illusion. It is a learned emotion. We weren’t born with fear, it was taught to us to protect us from some things, but sometimes we use it to hinder us from greatness.  I challenge us all to view fear as an illusion that we must face in order to overcome. If we fail, we must learn from our mistakes. Failures should not create barriers but only lessons that push us to our success.

Take a chance, a calculate risk, a step forward, however you want to describe it, and take those fears that have stopped you from going to that next level straight on and watch something incredible change your life.

Have a great week and I promise to post more good stuff!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post!!! I love the Monday motivation posts. We all need it! Getting past fear is so hard, as we are our toughest critics. What sometimes helps me to stay focused is remembering that I wouldn’t have certain gifts if I was not meant to share them. So I try to remember these things when I sometimes feal scared or discouraged. Again, great post!

  2. Dana Barka says:

    Fear is the only thing between some people and total, outrageous success! I’ve just started learning to welcome fear into my life – it is my driver. I know if I feel it and I’m not in immediate physical danger, it’s probably there so I can conquer it. Love this post!

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