Inspiring WYFES: My Auntie, a true Earth-Bound Angel

Today is a very special day, it is my wonderful Auntie’s, Sonya D’s, birthday. Her birthday gives me another reason to highlight how enduring, caring and driven a woman can be. This woman has endured so much, provided for so many and now has stepped into the a mother-role for me after losing my mother suddenly, now 6 years ago. She is one of those women who do so much for her family and asks for nothing for herself. She is my Earth Bound-Angel and her plight is so amazing that I would like to share a quick short story that describes the inspiration that her experiences have given me.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to share her story, and there is no better day than her wonderful birthday.  If you have ever had that family member that just seems to really take it all in stride and never waiver from faith, then hopefully this will touch you. And for those of you who haven’t seen a person like that, more than likely this describes you.  She is my heart and I am proud to dedicate this to her.

Keep on moving

She wakes up to push past her health hardships, questioning “how did I get to this place”. Her eyes squint wondering where everyone around her went. She moves around the room remembering where her mom and dad’s clothes once laid. Their smell lingers in the room. His baritone hums of spiritual hymns are right next to her. Her mother’s soprano melodies of joy and thankfulness fill the air. For years she cared for them, never thinking about where she could have been. She knew where she was supposed to be. Years seem like just minutes gone by. A smile rolls over her face.

She strolls down the hall, slowly, trying not to jeopardize her healing. As she enters into the guest bed room she glances at her grandma’s picture. The room was once filled with grandma’s laughs to only be dulled later by sadden sorrows. Grandma found love again at an old age but her heart never turned an age older than 20. What a lady; what a love. And as time rolled on, the room laid to rest many family members traveling to and from St. Louis. Aunts, uncles, cousins and more found slumber in the room. It’s so sad that her uncle was the last to slip away there. Stories of his slick and smooth actions remain locked away in his clothes still hanging in the closet; a reminder that no matter how quiet his love may have been, his legacy remains strong. She looks out the window and smiles.

She doesn’t linger long in the room, for there are dishes to be washed in the kitchen. Her strides speed up a little, wondering what is left in the fridge. She enters the kitchen and enjoys the sunshine-yellow that greets her at the door. She closes her eyes and sees her sister’s wide smile and dimples. Such laughter and joy used to fill the room. Family from across state lines used to come just for the baked goods, fighting to be first in the food line. So many stories were told to the young in that room; so many blessing were said over the food in that room. Reality enters and she is reminded that those dimples and those stories are now just a memory. She looks at the wine glasses and smiles yet again.

After quickly glancing in the fridge she remembers that there is a frozen turkey downstairs, but how can she get there without feeling the pain? She doesn’t worry about it and takes her steps down the stairs. Got to keep on moving. She takes her last step down the stairs and heads for the back room where the deep freezer hides. She passes her former bedroom, where her and her fiancée once laid watching their favorite movie. For years they shared the ups and downs of his health. He finally took her by the hand to ask her to wed to only be taken away to his final resting place before that special day. Tears begin to fill her eyes, but she looks at his teddy bear and begins to smile once more.

After grabbing the turkey, she slowly, but surely, moves back up the stairs. Instead of taking the turkey to the kitchen, she goes into the dining room. She sits the frozen turkey on the table and plops down at the nearest chair. Such a quiet house; so many voices use to fill the air. So many footsteps use to clang against the floor. She has taken years to fight the sadness but at this moment, this second, the smile doesn’t stop the tears. She drops her head and prays for the strength that has pushed her through all her losses. She prays for the guidance that has kept her safe through all the injuries. She prays for the continued faith to make it through…she prays.

The doorbell rings.

Her smile re-appears as she moves as fast as her aging and sore legs will let her. She opens the doors and hears new voices, old and young. She sees new dimples on her great niece’s face. She smiles at the Jay-Z swag of her smooth nephew. And she remembers that those lost ones live strong in the young ones. She takes her niece’s hand and they stride together…they move together…and she smiles AGAIN!

Happy Birthday Auntie!




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