Mid-WYFE’s Monday Motivation

I just celebrated my youngest 10th birthday, my Auntie’s “30” birthday plus other friends and family birthdays. With mine right around the corner and knowing that my mom would have been 55 this year, I’m reminded that each birthday is a true celebration of life. I know some laugh at the idea of celebrating another year older or think that another birthday is another day but if you look at life in such a dim light then you must not be living the best life that you can.

Sure your birthday is another day, but it’s another day that you are breathing, seeing and feeling. Enjoy it just like you should be enjoying each day. It’s a blessing! You were created in his image and who are you to deny your gift?  For some of us we take time to celebrate others and then down play our own day, but why? Do you not think you don’t deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged? Well you do!
Make your birthday an event. Celebrate with your family and friends or take a vacation to go visit them. If no one is available, take time to do something you love; take a helicopter ride, a spa day, a painting class, whatever your heart desires. Just take a moment to celebrate you. Once you are able to acknowledge you then you will be able to better acknowledge those you love. Find value in YOU to recognize the value in US (family, friends, colleagues, etc.)  It is truly a celebration!

Mid-WYFE’s Motivation: Start planning how to bring in your next great year…no not New Year’s but your new birth year. How will you celebrate you!

P.S. I want to ask everyone to say a prayer for those preparing for the touchdown of Hurricane Sandy. Let this be another reason to live for each day…the unknown is always around the corner.



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