The 2012 Election: Defining True Patriotism

I want to say how proud I am of US.

No I’m not talking about just President Obama supporters. I’m talking about everyone; women, men, African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, Christians, Jewish, Muslims, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and the list goes on. Minorities came out to vote in record numbers! Young Americans came out to vote in record numbers! Let this really be a testament to what we can do as a nation. Some are confused about the country being so divided. I’m not. We each have our on values, our own agendas. However, this election, we made sure that no matter who we were voting for we made sure to use our voices and vote.

We are showing countries around the world that we don’t take this freedom for granted. We are showing that we are grateful to have an opinion and be able to speak it. We all deserve an ovation for doing our duties as American citizens. Kudos to you ALL; Democratic, Republicans and Liberals.

Now I would like to take a moment to appreciate watching history being made. As I sat with my aunt, uncle, husband, step-daughter and cousins, I couldn’t help but take in that moment. The moment when the election meant more than just politics. The moment that we all sat their waiting for “hope” and “hard-work” to win. So many generations in one room, waiting to see history made again. I’m sure my aunt and uncle thought they would never see a black man as President, let alone re-elected to do 4 more years. But it happened. I came to work today inspired to take this life seriously. Miracles, the impossible, and faith happens every day. Be inspired to look towards that brighter and stronger future but know that you have the power! You must take the steps, you must get up and move…YOU are the driver. So get up and do like you did yesterday and start making some moves for your future.

Click Below to Hear President Obama’s Victory Speech

Enjoy some of my favorite President Obama photos…reminisce on where we came from to who YOU are today!

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