[*Y-Not] 30 Things by 30: It could happen!

Happy Friday MWC Fam!

It’s been a long but very prosperous week. As I get ready to not only visit my wonderful family back in MO but also bring in my 29th b.day, I’ve started setting some goals for the next year. My fellow blogger Erin (Live Pretty on a Penny) has challenged myself and several other friends to start a “30 before 30 list”, based on another blog 101 in 1001.  And everyone knows me; I’m always up for a good challenge. Initially, I thought that this list was going to be simple, quick even, but it’s taken me a week or so just to figure out 30 things that I would love to get done before I turn 30.  But I’ve finally completed my list and as a way of holding myself accountable I’m sharing it all with you.

Now I challenge all my readers to work on their lists. No matter your age (27 before 27, 35 before 35 or 60 before 60) take a moment to plan out some things you keep putting off and decided to go for them. Make your things as small as getting a new pot set or as large as traveling around the world in 60 days. All I ask is that you really try to make them realistic. There’s just something about making a to-do list and then checking things off…oh yeah that’s call “achieving”. Go make your list and good luck to us all!

  1. Capture 5 constant and returning clients
  2. Go paintballing
  3. Get a massage once a month
  4. Do a burlesque photo shoot
  5. Get my first book published
  6. Start volunteering at a kids center/hospital
  7. Choose a business and provide free marketing services
  8. Take a family trip
  9. Read 10 books
  10. Go to 4 major networking events
  11. Join a young professionals business organization
  12. Redo my half bath
  13. Redo my kitchen cabinets
  14. Find a church home
  15. Go to 3 sip and stroke events
  16. Expand my website
  17. Get a mani & pedi 2x a month
  18. Make a cake completely from scratch
  19. Take a cook class/series
  20. Re-learn Spanish through Rosetta Stone
  21. Take Latin dance lessons
  22.  Change my hair color
  23. Visit my Grandparents in El Paso, TX
  24. Plan our family reunion
  25. Learn self-defense moves
  26. Workout consistently 3x a week
  27. Take a trip with my Auntie
  28. Do a getaway with the Hubby
  29. Join a flash mob
  30. Host a woman’s event once a month

Share what your top 5 things would be on your list! I would love to hear them.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Janae says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m still working on my list! I think it’s very important that we hold each other accountable :-). Here’s 5 things from my 29 by 29 list:
    1) Complete a Marathon
    2) Take a cooking class
    3) Learn/Execute Meditation Practices
    4) Learn Make-up Basics 101
    5) Buy a Classy Nightgown

    To be continued…

    1. midwyfecrisis says:

      I should have had #3 on my list! Thanks for sharing Janae!

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