Mid-WYFE’s Monday Motivation

Today’s Mid-WYFE’s Monday Motivation: Allow your storm to pass

Today’s motivation is really for me but I hope it helps someone else too. Sometimes when things get good, after being bad for such a long time, I fight admitting that things are just fine. My mind starts planning for the next storm, knowing that it could come any day. I totally dismiss that at that moment things are good and I look for things to go crazy or for the ship to start sinking; completely sabotaging myself. Does anyone else do that? But I have to continually remind myself that it IS okay to be happy, content, calm, relaxed, smiling and so forth. Sometime when you have had so many storms back to back, you are happy to have a day of calmness but when you have days, months and for some of us years of calmness it may scare the mess out of us. It’s like our mind starts playing tricks on us; holding us hostage in panic mode.

MeditationToday I’m tell us all to enjoy calmness and smooth sailing. Let’s not allow ourselves to get so wrapped up in the “what ifs”. Take things day by day and enjoy not having to weather a storm. We are blessed to have those days, along with the rough ones. It’s easy to get so lost in running around obstacles and jumping hurdles that we don’t notice that we can really take a walk and enjoy the scenery. So let’s recognize the good and easy times.

Take a moment to catch your breath and enjoy the sun. The next storm may be right around the corner but for today, let’s bathe in the sunlight!



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  1. Anginique Wroten says:

    It’s not just you who does this….thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy!

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