The Christmas Spirit: the Good, the Great, and the Sad

I know I’m late but I hope everyone had a great holiday! I sure did, but now with each Christmas comes a mixture of emotions for me.

The Good
I got everything I asked Santa for which was mostly for the house. I can see that my domestic wife/mom-side is here to stay! When your list starts with a new Wok or a fresh knife set, you must accept that you are now domesticated. *sigh* But I do love it!

The Great
My step-daughter’s face was unforgettable. Even though she doesn’t believe in Santa anymore, you can tell she really enjoys not just the getting but the giving and it’s beautiful. It is always great to be around family on the holidays, but I have to admit that I’m greedy! I can’t get enough and I always want more people around.

The Sad
It’s been six years since I lost my wonderful mother on Dec. 26th and no matter how much time passes, I never know how I will actually respond on that day. It seems that I go through an array of emotions from laughter to tears back to smiles and then to sadness. My husband wanted to change that day for me by proposing on that day and it was perfect, but it doesn’t stop the sadness that creeps up on me. This year I wanted to go and do community service on that day with my family, but my heart and emotions were just too erratic for me to focus so I just cleaned my house from top to bottom. But there is always next year.

As I enjoy the last weekend of the year I reflect on an epic 2012! Don’t worry I’ll share my greatest moments tomorrow. Until then let me end this passage on a high note: Let the love you share for your family and friends shine through any sadness that chases you, for your heart is the strongest muscle and your mind the greatest obstacle.

Christmas Love


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  1. Dana says:

    I wish I had had the chance to meet your mom – I know only an awesome lady could have raised someone like you! I’m glad you had a happy holiday with your family – and they’re not over yet!

  2. midwyfecrisis says:

    Dana you would have love meeting her and you’re right! 2012 ain’t over yet! 🙂

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