[Mid-WYFE Top 2012 Moments] From Tears to Cheers

What a great year! I’m never sad to see a year pass but this one I’m going to miss but before so I want to share both my personal and public top 2012 moments. And please share yours!

[Communit-Y Talk] Top 5 Moments

534724_10150988424514799_2053484301_n-15)  2012 Olympic Games: I love the Olympics and last year’s competitions did not disappoint. My top moments include the 2012 Woman’s track team and Miss Gabriel Douglas’ all-around win. U.S.A.!

4)  Mizzou moves to the SEC: Even though we are having some real obstacles in the conference, I’m happy to know that my Alma mater is stepping their game up to go to the next level. Go Tigers! M-I-Z Z-O-U.

3)  The epic that is Scandal: It’s been a long time since I really was sucked into a show but I would like to thank the writers, directors and the entire cast of Scandal because I am definitely an addict. Thank you for breaking me away from the virus that is reality TV.time-cover

2)  Lost but not forgotten lives: From the shooting death of Trayvon Martin to the mass theater shooting in Colorado to the unforgettable loss of children’s lives in Connecticut, 2012 was full of human reflection. We all questioned not only our own safety but our children’s lives. I hope we all take more time to care more for each other and be cautious of the chaotic world around us.

1)  Re-election of President Barack Obama: No matter what you voted the most important part was that we all go out there and vote. It was a tough race but he is back in the seat and driving us FORWARD!


Mid-WYFE’s Top 5 2012 Moments

5)  Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour: Some may be laughing at this on my top list but I am a genuine MJ fanatic and when I had a chance to go see a live tribute to him by Cirque du Soleil, I couldn’t pass it up. It was amazing and the money was well worth it. Now I have to find one of his flash mobs…

MJ immortal4)  New moves: I stepped into freelancing towards the end of the year and I excited to move 2013 with a focus on greatness. Contact me for marketing services today! www.dniccolecoleman.com

3)Blogville: Even though I’ve blogged before I’m happy to say that this time around I’m enjoying creating conversations and finding an outlet for my thoughts. Thanks you to every one of you that take a moment to read and/or respond. It’s awesome to see so many following me and there is much more to come in 2012…

2) New steps with an old love: This one really shares the #1 spot but I’m keeping it simple. On 5.5.5 or May, 5 2012 (2+0+1+2) I married my best friend of 8 years. It was an awesome day filled with family meeting family, great dancing and drinks that put almost everyone on their ass! And it’s been great growing and learning with someone like him and I can’t wait to celebrate more years to come.

1) Family, family and more family: Not only did we expand the family by adding a new, exciting doggie named Angel, but I’ve been blessed to now have my youngest step-daughter in my life on a daily basis. She has taught me so much about life in the short time she has been here with us and I can’t wait to create more memories with her.marry photo
God has blessed me in 2012 and I know more blessings are to come. Happy 2013 Everyone!


What was your top 2012 moment? Share!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. JayChanelle says:

    Awesome countdown!! Although that Mizzou move couldn’t remained off the list…IJS…who really cares???? *coughs*

    1. JayChanelle says:


    2. midwyfecrisis says:

      JayChanelle please leave your hateration in 2012…It’s a new year girl! Thanks for reading!

  2. Tenisha says:

    Niccole I love your moments, very touching and I am glad that I was able to participate an share in your #2 moment. My most memorable 2012 moment would be getting enrolled back into school, getting through my first year at corporate Marriott and my most favorite getting engaged to my love. Welcome 2013……it’s gonna be action packed, stay tuned!!!
    ~much love Nina

    1. midwyfecrisis says:

      That’s what I’m talking about! You made goals and you completed them! 2013 is your year!

  3. AprylMaye says:

    Thanks for sharing your Top 5 Boobsie. Honored and blessed to have been involved in some of those memories 🙂 My top 5 moments of 2012 would be the following:

    5. Participating and witnessing the wonderful unity between you and your husband/my brother
    4. My best friend having her first son on 07/11 (FREE BIRTHDAY SLURPEES!)
    3. Receiving my MSW from SLU
    2. Receiving my license and becoming a LMSW
    1. Life knocking me on my ass but having awesome people such as your self in my life to remind me to keep on pushing and believing that everything will work out!

    Love you girl. And wishing you continued blessings and favor in 2013!

    1. midwyfecrisis says:

      Blessed and honored to have you all apart of some of my special 2012 moments. 2013 is going to bring you so unbelievable joys! Watch out now!

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