[Guest Blogger Spotlight] It’s A Woman’s World: Adventures in Black Hair – Part 1

I’m not sure if you have noticed but more African American women have decided to start wearing their hair in the it’s naturally curly state. No relaxers, no flat irons, just a good wash and go. To some cultures this may not be news but to our culture it is a major shift in not only our self-esteem but also in our perception of how the world looks at us.

You may have heard of Chris Rock’s movie “Good Hair“, where he breaks down the stigma of natural hair vs. relaxed hair. His mission was to understand this concept of what “Good Hair” is in order to better relate to his daughter when she goes through this cultural dilemma.

Me and my girls talk about “going natural”, which describes a decision to not at add any harsh chemicals like relaxers, a sodium hydroxide based product. Since I’m currently going through my own transition into the natural hair world I figured I would start a discussion and see how other women were feeling on the topic. I’ll share their thoughts and mine, in the series “Adventures in Black Hair”.

Enjoy the first post in this series, where Jennifer (creator of the blog ClosetRunway) gives us her take on her journey in the land of Natureville.

To be or not to be natural….that is the question?


Over the last six months, I made the decision to wear my natural hair…in all its curly abundance. I made the choice to wear it naturally because for so many years, I have always worn my hair to fit in. I wanted to look like everyone else who blew out or straighten their have to have flowing locs. As I child, I would always tell my mom that I hated my hair. I wanted to look like my friends and be “normal”. Now, when I hear that statement, I cringe because normal is boring. I have this huge personality therefore I should be able to show that personality in whatever way possible. The funny thing about wearing my hair in its natural state, I have found that I am noticed more. The moment I decided to go against the conventional, it’s revered instead of shunned…go figure! I will tell anyone that hair is just that HAIR. I believe that you should do what fits you. The natural hair craze right now is not for everyone, just like wearing it fried, dyed, and slicked to the side is not for everyone. The moral of all of this is to say, that hair is relative: it’s what’s underneath it that is important.


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  1. Anginique W says:

    I completely agree that you have to do what fits you. I am not for what is trendy more for what is right for me and what I like. I have been chemical free for 10 years now, however, I do still straighten my hair but for some that is not being natural. I say look if you are chemical free you are natural regardless of the style. I went natural because I was getting perms only twice a year…waiste of money…..so I just said “Hey I’m going to stop paying all this money for something I don’t need.” I have always had thick and long hair, but ever since i stopped getting perms my hair grows sooo much faster and is even fuller than before. I love my hair but it does not define me.

  2. midwyfecrisis says:

    Anginique you are so right. Our hair is one of our best accessories but it should not define our lives! Thank you for reading.

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