[Mid-WYFE’s Motivation] There is No Such Thing as a Mistake!

don't give upI don’t know about everyone else’s year but mine has surely kick-off at 110 MPH. From work to mommy hood to personal endeavors, things have been non-stop which is a great thing in my eyes. At times like this I think back on the places I have been, the things I’ve had to endure and the people who I have encountered. This moment in time reminds me that there are not mistakes, just tough lessons.

I can remember where I was at, at this moment, a year ago: preparing to get married but wondering what I was going to do with my career. I was freelancing but just really burnt out by the corporate jobs that I fought tooth and nail to stay afloat in. I wonder if I had a made a mistake by taking X job or maybe I should have went back to school right after college or maybe I should have quite my three jobs in college for an internship. I was drowning myself, questioning the choices that I had made. Did I make a mistake? What was I really doing?

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you wondered if you made a mistake? Maybe it’s accepting your current position or current salary. Maybe it was a relationship that you were blind-sided by. Maybe it was buying a car or a condo that was really out of your range and now some other stuff has come up and you’re struggling.

Well I’m happy to testif-Y and let you know that it’s not a mistake. HE has a plan for you and as long as you do your BEST to take the right steps, he will always protect you. But don’t think that he won’t teach you a lesson for taking certain turns on your path. You have to take those turns as lessons not mistakes; live and learn.

So back to my story, after bogging myself with these thoughts, HE showed me the way through my clouds of doubts. Less than 3 months later not only did my wedding go seamlessly, and my honeymoon went awesome, I accepted a job over my honeymoon and found out that my awesome step-daughter was coming to stay with us. Within 3 months my life changed for the best. So looking back would I say I made mistakes…NO.  I’ve just had some powerful, life changing lessons that have made me the woman, Christian, niece, sister, friend, wife, mother, cousin, co-worker, manager, etc…that I am today.

Remember: There are no mistakes in life. Each lesson, whether hard or easy, is showing you either to stay on the path or take the first left that you see.everything-happens-for-reason

Have a great week Mid-WYFE Fam!

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  1. Anginique Wroten says:

    Gurrrrl! There have been sooo many times when I have questions the decisions that I made, wondering if they were mistakes. But you are right, it all happens for a reason and there were definitely lessons that I learned and that will stick with me forever. So all in all I would not change my path for anything because it is the one the Lord has blessed me with. So I will continue to ask for guidance and clarity and follow His lead.

    Good post.

    1. Yes that is exactly what we should do, ask for guidance and clarity! Great comment.

  2. Great post. I have been dealing with things since the beginning of the year, and it just really struck me as to why. I know that there is a plan for everything, balance is key, and Faith is what keeps us moving. I feel like I am finally moving into a place that I feel makes sense. So do I regret the things that i was going through earlier this year? No. Because in those trials I learned alot about myself, which immediately taught me to mature and keep it moving. Great post:)

    1. You are right Erin! Finding that balance can be hard but if you take each trial and tribulation as a lesson as our faith teaches us then we will definitely make it through some major situations.

  3. janaetmartin@aol.com says:

    I testify as well!! We will be here all day talking about what I’ve been through but looking back I’ve learned a lot. I do realize that every single thing happens for a reason. It’s either a lesson or a blessing. Thanks for this…I enjoyed reading 🙂

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