[Mid-WYFE’s Motivation] See it…Believe it…Live it! Create your 2013 Vision Board

What is your vision looking like for 2013? Where are you trying to go with your job? Are there any place you would love to visit this year? How about your family; thinking about growing it? Or is there a long-term goal you can start working towards this year?

2013 vision board

These were all questions that came up during an event I recently attended, Picture! 2013, where I created my first vision board! I met some new people, chat with some old and worked on narrowing in my goals for 2013. The event brought together about 20 young ladies, all from various backgrounds, who were excited to literally piece together what they wanted to this year.

Picture! 2013: from left to right – Erin, Marsha Middleton, Anginique

As the second installment of the event, put on by two of my friends Erin (liveprettyonapenny.blogspot.com) and Anginique, we had brunch, listened to a speaker and then ripped through magazines in search of words and images that relayed our desired future.

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the speaker, Marsha Middleton Founder and President of M-Squared Public Relations, prior to this event but this time she went more in dept about the individual factors that pushed her to go out on her own. She explained how she did not have a board per se, but she used her love ones, her kids, to stay focused and driven. Sometimes we don’t think to put our goals on paper so focusing those living “items” will work the same. Overall it was a great event and I hope they keep it going!

Your motivation for this week is to get your 2013 vision together. Whether you create a board or just find inspiration from those around you, create a vision that will push you to where you want to be by the end of the year and down the road.

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Have a great week Mid-WYFE Fam!


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  1. Great post!!!! Love it, and I am so glad that you came to the event. You rock!

  2. Anginique Wroten says:

    So glad you were inspired by this event! Keep your 2013 vision in motion.

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