[Guest Blogger Spotlight] It’s A Woman’s World: Adventures in Black Hair – Part 3

There are some great hair journeys amongst the African American community. Each is different and unique but they all hit us in different ways. This one hits close to home for me and it touches on the some of the colorism issues that lie within our community. Check out my post [Real Talk] Colorism: Racism from Inside the African American Culture – My American Story for my personal colorism story.

Enjoy another look into the world of black hair.

Long Hair, Don’t Care..

Read the full story in the LYFE-STYLE Files…



2 Comments Add yours

  1. randomramsey says:

    I enjoyed the post; I agree, confidence is something we sometimes have to grow into. I love to hear about people coming into their own and embracing their uniqueness and beauty.

    1. midwyfecrisis says:

      Randomramsey confidence is key. Those are the characteristics that we must also place in the newer generations and maybe we can stop all these crazy incidents that are happening in schools. Thanks again for reading!

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