[Mid-WYFE’s Monday Motivation] Do Some Spring Cleaning in your LYFE

Finally the flowers are starting to bloom. The air is cool but warm in the sun and daylight savings is in full effect! We all know what that means…spring time is finally here. Most of us try to do some spring cleaning around the house; put away sweaters (depending on your region), bring out the bbq pit, start compiling our list of small home projects and getting rid of all that unnecessary clutter that has growing in the winter months.

This year I’ve found that the spring cleaning theme is touching over several facets of my life. I’ve had to re-evaluate friendships, jobs and daily routines to see if they are really helping me get to my goals or if they were just cluttering my life.

We all have to find time to examine the important things in life, and then either keep them or throw them away in the trash. Sometimes we have to do a spring cleaning of our minds by figuring out how to let go of the things that have caused us stress and move forward to the brighter, livelier things in life.

I charge us all to use this week to start some spring cleaning. Clean your house in more than one way! Then watch the new season bring you more joy then you could ever imagine.




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