[Mid-WYFE’s Monday Motivation] Take an “Ah ha” moment and run with it!

Have you ever watched an infomercial and saw something you thought of back in the day but never did anything about? Or maybe you saw someone in a position and thought to yourself, I’m more qualified than that person…why not me?

A girlfriend and I were talking about this same topic the other day and it got me thinking…why do we have those moments? What stops us from following an idea, a dream or just an opportunity? And the answer is simple…it’s us. We stop ourselves from doing great things. Just think where we could be if we went through with some of our “ah ha” moments…

But we can’t go back in the past so just start off today going after something you’ve been contemplating but haven’t moved on. See a growth opportunity at your job, speak up and make it your spot. Have a new idea about how to make something easier to do at home, go research how it can be made. Sure some of our ideas may not work, but we will never know if we don’t try.


Today’s “Ah ha” moment is brought to you by…

Scope’s new bacon mouthwash…Really!?

Scope Bacon


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