Welcome Urban EthYcs to the Mid-WYFE Crisis Fam!

As I’m gearing back up to get on my blog duties, I realized that there was an essential part of my life that I had yet to venture out and really address. The essential that makes me a black woman, wife, mother and friend.

So I decided to start a blog dedicated to addressing those life issues that I and so many others deal with. So I’m happy to introduce everyone to Urban EthYcs.

Sure I will be writing from my personal, African-American view, but I invite all races to join the conversation. Ask questions, incorporate constructive thoughts or come by to read through topics. With so much that has gone on and continue to go on with in my community, I have to at the least speak up on those topics that are important to me. Some days I can feel that my voice is small and unheard but damnit it may not be so I MUST speak up and speak out!

Follow and join the convo!

Urban EthYcs logo


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